• Tony Poe

    Part 4, Chapter 8

    July 8, 2012 by Tony Poe

    The brawlers admired their bakugan's new armor...besides Tony who seemed rather disappointed that Jaakor hadnt had changes such as the others,but Reggs now stayed with the brawlers to ensure the technology was working correctly.

    Tony approached Pyrus.

    Tony: I still dont get why Jaakor looks the same...

    Pyrus: Maybe he just had weapon-based changes, instead of anything physical like the others.

    Tony: We already took him to the training room,tested EVERYTHING we know. None of it has imroved.

    Pyrus: I'll talk to Reggs about it later...Reptak and Drago are sparring now.

    Reptak's hammer hit Drago in the chest and made Drago fly back,and hit the wall,but he jumped up,and helf his hand forward,and shot out a concentrated magma beam into Reptak's chest,…

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  • Tony Poe

    Part 4, Chapter 7

    May 21, 2012 by Tony Poe

    (this starts playing:

    It was out in the middle of a desert,Percival's and Jaakor's fists clashed, while jaakor pulled away and jumped into the air and kicked Percival to the floor. Percival jumped back up and swung his thundering blade at Jaakor as he slid under it, Jaakor then dispurst a blade from his arm and met the sword,their blades making a huge clang noise,and they each pulled away then swung again,each of their blades gaining a dent.

    Tony: Jaakor! Gatling barrage!

    Jaakor began swinging his arm so fast you could only hear the blade gliding through the air, Percival blocked some,but got hit by most.

    John: Ugh, Now! Let him have it,Percival! Lighting storm flash!

    Lightning bolted …

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  • Tony Poe

    Part 4,Chapter 6

    March 27, 2012 by Tony Poe

    It was 2:37 A.M. and everyone,even the bakugan where asleep. All but one...Jaakor was awake,in the training room,training himself to the core.

    (this begins playing:

    Jaakor: I won't!

    (Flashback of him getting his faceplate annihilated)

    Jaakor: Give up!

    Jaakor had his faceplate and weapons fixed,and was traning on digital apocalypses.He left a right jab in one,punching straight through it.Jaakor turned and kicked another,hitting it across the room.Another ran up to him,and hit him in the spine,and he turned,rabbed it's head,and crushed it.

    Jaakor: ...I did it...I knew I could fight...

    Many more came out behind him and began shooting at him,he turned and activated his guns,and shot them down with no proble…

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  • Tony Poe

    Part 4,Chapter 5

    March 23, 2012 by Tony Poe

    Tony went from a walk to a run,up the long stairs encased within the Tower of the Black Sun.

    Jaakor: Tony,I can help you get to the top sooner!

    Tony: Got it!

    Tony jumped into the air,and threw Jaakor's ball form down the long drop between the stairs,but then a green light filled the darkness,and rose up under Tony,flying to the top.

    ~scene changes~

    Vohtarak was flying towards a volcano,he landed in a skid,drilling up rock from the ground as he came to a stop.

    Vohtarak: Kraahlix,where are you now?!

    A voice came from the volcano,although he wasnt in there himself,he was using it for communication.

    Kraahlix: What is it that you want,Vohtarak...

    Vohtarak: Some of your strength...I must be at a I may destroy all of the brawlers on my own!


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  • Tony Poe

    Part 4, Chapter 4

    March 21, 2012 by Tony Poe

    Throughout their past deeds, the government has given them an old military base for the brawlers new HQ. They take refuge under it's roof,as Tony and his team work on enhancing a teleportation device that can teleport the brawlers anywhere on Terra,in mere minutes. They currently disgussing what had happened with "Magnus" Or...Reprozan.

    Tony: Magnus,different colors,more upgrades,unstoppable shields? The Necrogans must be returning...

    PG: Even if it is somehow true...There's been no sign of if he returned and got enhanced power,and even Pyrus had trouble with..."Reprozan" than Necrnoid might just be-

    3D: Unstoppable...

    Pyrus: No matter the facts, we'll take him down...just like we always have.

    President: How can you be so sure, l…

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