• Vakama likes foot massages, Onewa likes tapioca, Matau has hearing problems, Whenua needs a chiropractor, Nuju coughs on EVERYONE, and Nokama demands thread for knitting CONSTANTLY.
  • Larx is keeping a secret for the whole movie, causing him to be shy and reclusive. In the fake final battle engineered by Teridax, Larx finally trusts the team enough to reveal it: Sybre was once a Soul Eater. Sybre reluctantly accepts this on a battlefield, and is sent to eat Teridax's soul. "Listen to me, You're a soul eater now! Go! Get to the Makuta!" In a battle with TNG and Teridax, he finally manages to do it, but this was Teridax's master plan. His soul finally separate from his body, he is close enough to get to the spirit chamber before dissipating. He does so, and takes over the Mata Nui Robot.