• Pyrusbrawler900

    Class Project

    August 29, 2012 by Pyrusbrawler900

    The Hunt Ends

    "Ching chong wa!"


    Rainsford shook his head at the people they passed. "Is there anyone in here who speaks English?"

    Bob gave him a 'What the hell' look.

    "I meant besides you two."

    Bobby opened a door at a house. "Well, this is China. People here speak Chinese. CHOWNIMA, MAN!"

    They went into the house. It looked like any other, at least in China. There was no air conditioning, and for a moment Rainsford wished he was still in

    Zaroff's house. He had gotten a bit used to the convenience, even if he was there less than a day, and against his will. All that changed, however, when they opened a

    hatch on the bottom and went to the basement.

    Rainsford almost fell over. "CHOWNIMA--I mean..."

    Bobby pointed and laughed.…

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  • Tony Poe

    Part 4, Chapter 8

    July 8, 2012 by Tony Poe

    The brawlers admired their bakugan's new armor...besides Tony who seemed rather disappointed that Jaakor hadnt had changes such as the others,but Reggs now stayed with the brawlers to ensure the technology was working correctly.

    Tony approached Pyrus.

    Tony: I still dont get why Jaakor looks the same...

    Pyrus: Maybe he just had weapon-based changes, instead of anything physical like the others.

    Tony: We already took him to the training room,tested EVERYTHING we know. None of it has imroved.

    Pyrus: I'll talk to Reggs about it later...Reptak and Drago are sparring now.

    Reptak's hammer hit Drago in the chest and made Drago fly back,and hit the wall,but he jumped up,and helf his hand forward,and shot out a concentrated magma beam into Reptak's chest,…

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  • Pyrusbrawler900

    Optimus and Megatron appeared on the higher parts of Mount Ihu, where they would not be disturbed. A barrier formed around them, as the other Phantoms and Aukati were teleported around them to bear witness. "What is this?"

    "You disappoint me, Optimus. By now you should know. Weren't you sounding all confident just a few minutes ago? Or was that just false bravado to motivate your troops?"

    "So be it. It's you and me now, Megatron."

    "No, it's just me, Prime!"

    "At the end of this shall stand..."

    "And one shall fall! I've heard it before! YOU, Optimus Prime!"

    Megatron stood perfectly still... And waited for his arch nemesis to make the first move. There was a short silence, a tension hanging in the air.

    "What's wrong, Optimus... Are you afr…

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  • Tony Poe

    Part 4, Chapter 7

    May 21, 2012 by Tony Poe

    (this starts playing:

    It was out in the middle of a desert,Percival's and Jaakor's fists clashed, while jaakor pulled away and jumped into the air and kicked Percival to the floor. Percival jumped back up and swung his thundering blade at Jaakor as he slid under it, Jaakor then dispurst a blade from his arm and met the sword,their blades making a huge clang noise,and they each pulled away then swung again,each of their blades gaining a dent.

    Tony: Jaakor! Gatling barrage!

    Jaakor began swinging his arm so fast you could only hear the blade gliding through the air, Percival blocked some,but got hit by most.

    John: Ugh, Now! Let him have it,Percival! Lighting storm flash!

    Lightning bolted …

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  • Wierdox

    Word bubbles.

    May 2, 2012 by Wierdox
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  • Tony Poe

    Part 4,Chapter 6

    March 27, 2012 by Tony Poe

    It was 2:37 A.M. and everyone,even the bakugan where asleep. All but one...Jaakor was awake,in the training room,training himself to the core.

    (this begins playing:

    Jaakor: I won't!

    (Flashback of him getting his faceplate annihilated)

    Jaakor: Give up!

    Jaakor had his faceplate and weapons fixed,and was traning on digital apocalypses.He left a right jab in one,punching straight through it.Jaakor turned and kicked another,hitting it across the room.Another ran up to him,and hit him in the spine,and he turned,rabbed it's head,and crushed it.

    Jaakor: ...I did it...I knew I could fight...

    Many more came out behind him and began shooting at him,he turned and activated his guns,and shot them down with no proble…

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  • John.jr.

    How I got here

    March 26, 2012 by John.jr.

    I'm friends with Tony irl...and he told me to make one. XD I use Darkus Percival.

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  • Tony Poe

    Part 4,Chapter 5

    March 23, 2012 by Tony Poe

    Tony went from a walk to a run,up the long stairs encased within the Tower of the Black Sun.

    Jaakor: Tony,I can help you get to the top sooner!

    Tony: Got it!

    Tony jumped into the air,and threw Jaakor's ball form down the long drop between the stairs,but then a green light filled the darkness,and rose up under Tony,flying to the top.

    ~scene changes~

    Vohtarak was flying towards a volcano,he landed in a skid,drilling up rock from the ground as he came to a stop.

    Vohtarak: Kraahlix,where are you now?!

    A voice came from the volcano,although he wasnt in there himself,he was using it for communication.

    Kraahlix: What is it that you want,Vohtarak...

    Vohtarak: Some of your strength...I must be at a I may destroy all of the brawlers on my own!


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  • Tony Poe

    Part 4, Chapter 4

    March 21, 2012 by Tony Poe

    Throughout their past deeds, the government has given them an old military base for the brawlers new HQ. They take refuge under it's roof,as Tony and his team work on enhancing a teleportation device that can teleport the brawlers anywhere on Terra,in mere minutes. They currently disgussing what had happened with "Magnus" Or...Reprozan.

    Tony: Magnus,different colors,more upgrades,unstoppable shields? The Necrogans must be returning...

    PG: Even if it is somehow true...There's been no sign of if he returned and got enhanced power,and even Pyrus had trouble with..."Reprozan" than Necrnoid might just be-

    3D: Unstoppable...

    Pyrus: No matter the facts, we'll take him down...just like we always have.

    President: How can you be so sure, l…

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  • Tony Poe

    Part 4, Chapter 3

    March 8, 2012 by Tony Poe

    (This starts playing: )

    PG: ...who?

    Pyrus: Our good old friend,Ziperator...but he

    3D: Nah,impossible. We took them out three years ago.

    Pyrus: I know...but he was there,no doubt about it.

    Winx: You're gonna love this...PG found a HUGE base. It's disguised as an old warehouse...They must have wanted to keep this thing a secret. But here is his last transmisssion.

    PG(transmission): Argh!I might need some help! Magnus. Is. Here!Wait,no,Leonial!(explosions occur through the transmission as it ends)

    Pyrus: I'll go help him.Where's Tony?

    3D: In the tech room, not sure what he's doing though.

    Pyrus: Well,as long as he's here...

    (Music is at 3:11)

    Pyrus stepped over to a newly developed ship,There was ev…

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  • Tony Poe

    Part 4, Chapter 2

    March 8, 2012 by Tony Poe

    Six bodies roam freely in space...seemingly close...enough.They are the bodies of Necronoid,Sentinel Dragonoid,Ziperator,Tridax, and Magnus.They approach a body...the size of a galaxy.

    ???: Welcome...Necrogans.

    Necronoid: W-who is that..?

    Kraahlix: I am Kraahlix...and I have business for are no use to me dead.

    Necronoid: What do I matter to you..?

    Kraahlix: I want you...for a destroy the wreched brawlers.

    Necronoid: And what business do you have with them..?

    Kraahlix: They are destroying my army...and my plans...I need them stopped,yet,if I am to have your help...I will need to provide you with a new body,and new troops to command.

    Necronoid: A chance to destroy the brawlers...I shall take it...

    Kraahlix: Very well...


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  • Tony Poe

    Part 4, Chapter 1

    March 8, 2012 by Tony Poe

    It has been three years since the defeat of Necronoid and the others,while all seem in peace...all unexpectant...of what is soon to come....They fly over the new Planetary Destroyers,their new homes,in search of enemy activity.

    The Brawlers all sit in the drop area of a large plane,flying through the skies over Shoulder R.

    Pyrus: Alright,Tony. We got some scans of enemy readings in this area,and want you and your team to check it out.

    (This starts playing:

    Tony stood,and walked over to the drop area,and only nodded,and already had Ventus Jaakor,Darkus Skytruss,and Darkus Orbeum settled between the four fingers of his right hand.and jumped out of the plane.He maneuvered his arms so he …

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  • SaluteMeImWinx

    (The scene is at the park. Kids playing, brawling, etc)

    Infinity: (walking in the park) (Sighs) I'm REALLY bored.

    Rainbow: (Pops out of Infinity's pocket) Hmmm.. What about we brawl some kids?

    Infinity: Heh. That'll be too easy!

    (Infinity sees a group a kids winning a brawl)

    Kids(That lost): Awwww... We lost..

    Kids(That won): AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH! What about you guys come back when you actually have skills.

    Kids(That lost): You guys will be beat one day. ONE DAY!!! (They run off)

    Infinity: Hey, you guys wanna brawl?

    Kids: Hmmm.. You're Infinity, right?

    Infinity: ...Let's not get stupid here.

    Kids: Stupid? (They all laugh) We're not stupid, we are..(They strike poses)

    Rainbow: 100% LAMES!

    Kids: -_- No.

    Infinity: What about.. We shut up and brawl. I'll t…

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  • Pyrusbrawler900

    Part 3, Chapter 10.

    December 19, 2011 by Pyrusbrawler900

    Pyrus woke up at the sound of a noise.

    Pyrus: Something's in the basement.

    Drago: Let's check it out...

    Pyrus went downstairs, and saw a massive green Bakugan, with a metallic cloak full of weapons.

    Aerogan: What the..

    3D: Like it? Upgraded his tech. Ventus Trick Wolfox.

    Drago: better win, we TOLD you not to pull an all-nighter!

    Wolfox: Oh, don't worry. We will.

    They all went back to sleep.

    (scene changes)

    Magnus: I have finally finished upgrading ALL MY BODY PARTS!

    Sentinel woke up.

    Sentinel: SILENCE, FOOL!

    Necronoid: This had better improve your reputation, Magnus. We wouldn't want you to stay..a loser. (cocks gun)

    (scene changes, it's morning)

    Crimson: PYRUS!

    Pyrus rolled over in his bed.

    Pyrus: Seriously..morning already..mmf...(falls out of bed…

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  • SaluteMeImWinx

    Infinity: OK. Since the narrator died in the last one, I'll be doing this! Woohoo. And some commentary by the one and only.. Rainbow! So lets get started. Today, we will be doing the antagonist of the story. The villains. The Shadowians. The sly, intelligent, sneaky, diabolical, race. So. Let's get started. (The scene changes to a shadowy planet covered with deadly gases and shadows)

    Infinity: OK. Shadowia is a planet where Shadowians live. The planet itself is covered in deadly gases and shadows so enemies will have a difficult time attacking. The Shadowians are at war with my planet. They are winning because of their sly actions, intelligent brains, diabolical plans, etc. But, we manage to defend ourselves. Now, lets talk the six main ch…

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  • Pyrusbrawler900

    Part 3, Chapter 9.

    December 16, 2011 by Pyrusbrawler900

    (this starts playing)

    Pyrus woke up.

    Drago: It's time.

    Pyrus: Aerogan, check the outside.

    Aerogan: Why always me...(leaves)

    Necronoid fixed up his hand.

    Necronoid: This cannon should be good enough. (aims and blasts Sentinel through several walls) Perfect.

    Sentinel: YARR! (runs at Necronoid and slashes him) YOU DO NOT TEST YOUR WEAPONS ON ME!

    Necronoid threw Sentinel off.

    Necronoid: It will not happen again...(points gun) if you stop attacking ME!

    Sentinel: I...accept.

    Aerogan came back.

    Aerogan: The usual sh1t. The attack is starting soon.

    Pyrus: All right. DRAGONOID DESTROYER!

    Destroyer came out.

    Drago: (gets in Destroyer and puts Pyrus in cockpit too)

    Destroyer: All right. (BURSTS OUT OF WALL)

    A radio came in.


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  • Pyrusbrawler900

    Part 3, Chapter 8.

    December 9, 2011 by Pyrusbrawler900

    (this starts playing)

    Necronoid: I do not trust Drago.

    Cadounus paced the room.

    Cadounus: They are planning something...but they will not fight the Brawlers if they aren't truly loyal. (neck spikes flap) Either way, this will be interesting.

    Sentinel: I think his Dragonoid calling has come to his mind. He is becoming wiser...soon he will discard his (spits) human.

    Necronoid: And how are you sure of the loyalty of any of them?

    Cadounus: Exactly. We should kill them now, while we still can.

    Sentinel: That is not necessary. We could kill them in an instant. Allow them until our attack. I will speak to him.

    Necronoid: Very well. But we keep Tony hidden!

    Cadounus: A compromise....perhaps. (neck spikes flap)

    Sentinel left the room. The door shut behind hi…

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  • Pyrusbrawler900

    Part 3, Chapter 7.

    December 8, 2011 by Pyrusbrawler900

    starts playing from 0:15) Necronoid: The Brawlers have been re-accepted into Earth...and hold a new ability.

    Ziperator: So what? We have Devastator!

    Magnus: I have rewired the Nemesis to combine with Devastator.

    Necronoid: FOOLS! Power alone is never enough to defeat these Brawlers.

    Sentinel: They are somehow powerful....a head on attack is child's play for them. A fool's errand, for us.

    Necronoid: Yes...we need a new power.

    Cadounus: I have only one...the last secret of the Primal Dragons...and the darkest. (neck spikes flap)

    Necronoid: what we need.

    (scene changes)

    Pyrus: We're ready for battle.

    President: Understood. The military has been re-outfitted with Bakugan launchers added to their weapon packs. Now, we just need a sign.

    3D: I…

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  • Tony Poe

    I'm Tony Poe,My main partner is Jaakor,and secondaries are Skytruss and Orbeum.Whenever we fight,we don't lose,no matter the cost.I take role as Second In command of the brawlers.I'm more of an "All or nothing" kinda guy.My arch rival in the series is Vertexx Magnus.We weild Jaakor,Skytruss,and Orbeum destroyers,which can combine to make Magmafury Destroyer!We form (usually) one of the legs of the Ark.

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  • Pyrusbrawler900

    Part 3, Chapter 6.

    December 5, 2011 by Pyrusbrawler900

    (this starts playing)

    Drago ran at Cadonix, backed by all the Brawlers. Necronoid fired on Cadonix's back.



    Cadonix blocked with a hand shield and blasted everyone away. Necronoid fell into Cadounus, and they tumbled into a planet. Magmafury and Magnus flew into each other.

    Magnus: MAGMAFURY! RAAH! (thrusts blade)

    Magmafury: AETHER WINDMILL! (spins with swords to block, then kicks Magnus in the face)


    (music is at 0:16)

    Cadonix grabbed Thorak and threw him into Drago's blast, then pulled off Aerogan Destroyer's arm and shot him in the face with it. Rainbow flew in and tossed Aerogan his arm, but she was blast…

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  • Pyrusbrawler900

    Part 3, Chapter 5.

    December 1, 2011 by Pyrusbrawler900

    (this starts playing)

    The ship was well into space.

    3D: Leaving the solar system in one minute.

    Crimson: Jumping to hyperspeed in two.

    PG: (sigh) Where are we going?


    Pyrus: I have a plan.

    3D: Oh said you'd talk to me on the ship? WE'RE IN THE SHIP.

    Winx: Well, let's hear it..

    Pyrus: Do you know why I, the guy who NEVER GIVES UP, gave in and left earth?

    Tony: To show honor?

    Pyrus: No. It shows dishonor if you ask me.

    Tony: Then what?!

    Pyrus: It was because, as we all know, the Necrogans have their ship ready.

    (music is at 0:20)

    Tony: Huh?

    3D: I get it...

    Pyrus: If we hadn't been exiled, us missing from Earth would have been suspicious to the Necrogans AND seem cowardly to those in the solar system.

    Winx: No dip, S…

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  • Pyrusbrawler900

    Part 3, Chapter 4.

    November 30, 2011 by Pyrusbrawler900

    (this starts playing)

    Ziperator flew back to the base.

    Tridax: Idiot detected.

    Necronoid: (calmly) Let him in.

    Cadounus pressed a button and let Ziperator in.

    Necronoid: All...hail...Ziperator.

    Ziperator: (in thoughts) Huh? He's finally come to his senses? (out loud) YES. FINALLY! WORSHIP ME, YOU--


    Ziperator: AHH...ACK! Tridax lost too!

    Necronoid: BUT YOU ARE THE STRONGER, SUPPOSEDLY. (throws Ziperator away) You're lucky I didn't kill you. SENTINEL, tell him the plan.

    Sentinel: I DO NOT FOLLOW YOUR COMMANDS! (pulls out wing sword)

    Necronoid: You challenge me, Sentinel..?

    Cadounus: Calm yourselves...(neck spikes fl…

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  • Pyrusbrawler900

    Part 3, Chapter 3.

    November 29, 2011 by Pyrusbrawler900

    Ziperator flew around inside the backup base, stationed just outside the solar system.

    Ziperator: Heheheheh. They're bound to show up...and Necronoid will be dead, along with his most loyal servant...this couldn't be any better!

    (this starts playing)

    Necronoid burst into the door.

    Ziperator: OH! My master, I was so relieved to see that you've...survived...

    Necronid: RAAH! (slams Ziperator into wall)

    Ziperator: AACK! Careful-OW! Mechanisms in the wall, careful, fragile--GAAK!

    Necronoid: NONSENSE! We armored the walls to withstand a point-blank Destroyer blast! (punches Ziperator, denting his neckbrace)

    Ziperator; AACK!

    (music is at 0:20)

    Necronoid: I didn't even give you permission to enter this place!

    Ziperator: Well, in your absence...someone had...…

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  • Pyrusbrawler900

    Part 3, Chapter 2.

    November 28, 2011 by Pyrusbrawler900

    (this starts playing)

    Thorak swam around in the water, dodging Tridax's charges. He fired off lasers.

    Tridax: CURRENT REFRACTOR! (spins turbines, manipulating water until he can refract Thorak's lasers)

    Thorak's laser split and swung around, hitting him from all sides.

    Tridax: I will not disappoint my masters. (charges at Thorak)

    (scene changes)

    Magmafury: FLAMING AETHER!

    Sentinel: (ducks) YARR! (swings tail and slashed Magmafury's knee)

    Magmafury fell, then was shot in the face.


    Sentinel: WEAK! WINGSABER!

    Sentinel pulled two wings off and used them as swords. He stabbed Magmafury's cannons, then shot him in the face more.

    (scene changes)

    (music is at 0:20)

    Destroyer: REVOLUTION MUTILATOR! (slashes at Ziperator)

    Ziperator used his …

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  • Pyrusbrawler900

    Part 3, Chapter 1

    November 27, 2011 by Pyrusbrawler900

    It had been ten years since the battle in space. Technology had been reverse engineered from the new Destroyers, and used to expand. Now, the Brawlers had seats of honor, and the solar system had been colonized. The Galactic States of Humanity had been formed, and at the vote of leaders from many debates, under the U.S. Constitution. Space travel was common now, and each planet had great tourism. Earth, however, had been exhausted during the transition, and was now a barren wasteland. The other planets had been successfully planted on through technology, and Earth was on a slow path to recovering its resources naturally.

    (scene is on Earth)

    (this starts playing)

    Necronoid: Necrogan....the time has come.

    Cadounus walked in.

    Necronoid: Timely as …

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  • SaluteMeImWinx

    Narrtor: (Scene is in a dark room) This is a prolouge of the story of a war between two planets. Electrixia and Shadowia. But first, we will focus on the protagonist: Electrixia. This planet is well-known for its advanced tech. Their hope for winning and protecting their planet lies in the hands of six 14 year old teenagers. In this first part, we will go over thier traits, lovings, hating, and their Bakugan partners.

    (Scene changes into a city area)

    Narrtor: OK. We will focus on the first teenager, Infinity. He is a disruptive, energetic, fun, and other things that fit under those categories. (Starts walking) He often causes trouble around town and gets chases by the cops. unfortunately, he is the prince of this WHOLE planet. He loves musi…

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  • Pyrusbrawler900

    Part 2, Chapter 10.

    November 25, 2011 by Pyrusbrawler900

    (this starts playing)

    Pyrus: Let's go and end this.

    Winx: You sure? There's been a bit of a power surge.

    Drago: We have no choice.

    Tony: I think we can make it.

    3D: Black hole has been formed. The gravity's been tampered with, and excess energy has formed a massive star.

    Pyrus: A black hole?

    3D: Yeah. And considering how Darkus has some antimatter properties...

    Tony: Necronoid will want it. We have to go, NOW.

    Jaakor: No time to waste.

    The Brawlers increased their new Destroyers to full size.

    Destroyer: The size changing is convenient.

    Pyrus: It means we can take these things to earth when this is all over.

    The Brawlers launched their Destroyers.

    (music ends and scene changes)

    (this starts playing)

    Necronoid: The black hole...I can absorb it with my link …

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  • Pyrusbrawler900

    Part 2, Chapter 9.

    November 22, 2011 by Pyrusbrawler900

    (this starts playing)

    PG: Hurry up. I'll hold him off.

    Pyrus: Start digging it up. When your Bakugan are ready, have them dig.

    Drago: I'm ready now.

    Wolfox: So am I.

    Pyrus: Whoa, first you beat Ziperator and Skytruss at the same time, and now you're able to dig? You're a monster!

    3D: Heheh.

    Destroyer: Let's roll. (digs)

    (scene changes)

    (music is at 0:11)

    Necronoid: UNDERWORLD CANNON! (blasts Leonial into the ground, leaving more exposed metal)

    Leonial: (jumps up) Not going down fast. MANE TRIKE ELECTRON!

    Necronoid: DEFENSE LEECH! (makes a shield that absorbs the power from the attack) UNDERWORLD CANNON! (blasts)


    Leonial spun in midair to dodge and slashed Necronoid, stealing the energy back.


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  • Pyrusbrawler900

    Part 2, Chapter 8

    November 20, 2011 by Pyrusbrawler900

    (this starts playing)

    Pyrus: Ok, we're all ready. Let's move.

    3D: And this time, we'll be ready. We owe Wolf's team a bit of revenge.

    Winx: (is listening to music on Ipod)

    Pyrus: That's better, Winx.

    Winx: (points to earphones, then shrugs shoulders)

    Pyrus: (facepalm) Let's roll.

    Orbeum: Spaceships fly, Pyrus.

    Pyrus: Whatever. (launches ship, followed by the rest of Brawlers)

    (scene changes)

    Necronoid: Where are the Brawlers?

    Ziperator: Already flying off!

    Necronoid: Start the engines.

    Necronoid and his team flew off.

    (scene changes)

    Pyrus: We're approaching the first planet.

    3D: Actually, check the one a little to the left. That one's actually started to be dug up. I stopped Wolf's former team before they could get it all out.

    Pyrus: Let's roll. (flies fo…

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  • Pyrusbrawler900

    Part 2, Chapter 7.

    November 18, 2011 by Pyrusbrawler900

    DQ left the room.

    Necronoid: Argh...two hours until I heal.

    Wolf walked in to see Necronoid.

    Necronoid: Oh...have you come to surrender?

    Wolf: Ha-ha. Very funny. We're leaving in an hour, we don't have time for your other hour of baby treatment. (leaves)

    Necronoid: Oh yes...very funny indeed.

    WSkytruss and Ziperator came in.

    WSkytruss: We have the coordinates.

    Necronoid: (gets up) Then Wolf was right. We leave this hellhole time for my hours of baby treatment.

    Ziperator: I've stolen the teleportation tech. We only need a ship.

    Necronoid took the teleporter and got them to the ship room.

    Necronoid: THIS will do fine.

    (this starts playing)

    They flew off to space. Halfway to the star system, an alarm started beeping.

    Necronoid: An incoming transmi…

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  • Pyrusbrawler900

    Part 2, Chapter 6.

    November 17, 2011 by Pyrusbrawler900

    (this is playing)

    3D: Getting ready to launch.

    Pyrus: I AM ready to launch.

    3D: Beat ya to it by 0.5 seconds.

    Drago: Jackass.

    Winx: ...whatever. Do these things have radio? Cuz--

    Pyrus: I REMOVED YOURS. Everyone else's does though.

    Drago: Helps break the singing habit.

    Crimson: This thing should work.

    Pyrus: I believe that this team should commit itself to achieving the goal, before this day is out, of getting a space weapon free and returning it safely to the earth.

    3D: Give me some of the fun this time.

    Destroyer: You don't call getting launched out of a 2-city size Destroyer fun? You're a jackass.

    Mechanical Voice: 3...2...1...

    (music is at 0:26)

    The spaceships lifted off.

    Voice: Liftoff, we have a liftoff.

    The ships flew into the atmosphere.

    3D: Route …

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  • Pyrusbrawler900

    Part 2, Chapter 5.

    November 16, 2011 by Pyrusbrawler900

    (this is playing)

    Necronoid pulled his blade out of Hades, who fell on the ground. The entire place had been destroyed when Hades had unleashed his full powers. But Necronoid...

    Necronoid: Didn't you stop to consider...that having two death gods sealed inside me...would give me both their godly powers? I am twice as powerful as you are, Hades.

    Necronoid's body was completely changed. He glowed and radiated the stench of death. His form flickered and warped.

    Hades: don't have the wisdom of cannot rightfully deliver eternal punishment...and so..your limited.

    Necronoid: (stomps Hades's head and pulls it off) Then why...did I defeat you? (absorbs Hades)

    (scene changes)

    (music is at 0:26)

    3D: Unusual energy fluctuatio…

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  • Pyrusbrawler900

    Part 2, Chapter 4.

    November 10, 2011 by Pyrusbrawler900

    (this starts playing)

    Pyrus: STARBLAZER!

    3D: NO!

    Starblazer slammed into the blast. He split in half.

    Wolfox: ARGH! SPIRAL STAR SHIELD! (starts to stop the explosion, but can't)

    Ra: No...WOLFOX! (starts to glow) SOLAR GRAVITY!


    Drago: HUH?!

    Ra absorbed the entire attack.

    (music ends at 0:20)

    3D: Ra...

    Destroyer: What...did!

    (this starts playing)

    Ra: I...absorbed it all.

    Drago: But...what will happen to you?

    Ra: It will be simple. I will...leave the you.

    Pyrus: You'll...die--

    3D: NO! (jumps on Ra) You can't...die...why did you do it?

    Ra: It would be better for me to die...than both me...and...Wolfox...

    Wolfox: No! 3D needs you more!

    Drago: I'll...I'll beat Hades when I die and just come back! You can have the li…

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  • Pyrusbrawler900

    Part 2, Chapter 3

    November 8, 2011 by Pyrusbrawler900

    (this starts playing)

    Crimson: DQ's been making some space-time tech.

    Pyrus: We noticed. What's the new stuff?

    Crimson: I have some of it...

    Pyrus: Huh?!

    Crimson: Teleportation Columns. But, these are half-assed sh1t. I couldn't get the completed ones. But that's not all.

    Drago: What is?

    Crimson: Well, first off, take some columns.

    Pyrus: Aren't you coming back to base with us?

    Crimson: Gotta do more spy work. I can't.

    Pyrus: Crap. What's the rest of the news?

    Crimson: Those nanos you saw are just the beginning. We've found energy signatures all over the world.

    Pyrus: What?! We need to stock up then. Necronoid's stronger than before.

    Crimson: Closest one's in Washington.

    Pyrus: First, we gotta get back to base. Tomorrow morning--

    Crimson: We have to go n…

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  • Pyrusbrawler900

    Part 2, Chapter 2

    November 1, 2011 by Pyrusbrawler900

    DQ: Now, we attack the--

    Necronoid: NO.

    DQ: What...are you TALKING ABOUT?!

    (this starts playing)

    Necronoid: The knowledge...from absorbing...ANUBIS.

    (music is at 0:19)

    DQ: Huh?

    Necronoid:'s all there. The...Pyramids.

    DQ: The Pyramids? Pathetic oversized--

    Necronoid: POWER.

    DQ: That's gotta be a joke. Necronoid, what are you talking about?!

    Necronoid: (laughs slowly) The pyramids were built as weapons. Ten thousand years ago...all of them...each one..built by the same Egyptian Bakugan!

    DQ: Which?


    DQ: But the Pyramids have been mapped and searched, raided, and--

    Necronoid: And they've barely even scratched the surface.

    DQ: B…

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  • Pyrusbrawler900

    Part 2, Chapter 1

    October 23, 2011 by Pyrusbrawler900

    (this starts playing from 0:20)

    It was ten years since the defeat of Necronoid and DQ. Necronoid was dead, and DQ had to live the past ten years in solitude, sometimes tempted by her long solitude to enjoy a chase from the police. But she had her goal in mind. She never gave in to that temptation. She had gathered all the materials needed. A vessel for the energy. Cell division tools. Forced evolution tools. A shock tool to restart Necronoid's heart and brain. She needed only something that could get into the world of the supernatural.

    DQ: There it is...the site where Ra first appeared. The energy that can pry out from the underworld a dead person's soul...some should be here still.

    She took out a device until she found the highest radiation. …

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  • Pyrusbrawler900

    Chapter 10.

    October 21, 2011 by Pyrusbrawler900

    (this is playing)

    A few hours ago, Washington D.C. stood proudly, the center of America. Only 2 hours ago, there was a strange flying object sighted heading for it. All the government officials were brought to safety, and evacuation started. One hour ago, the people were almost completely out. And at this hour...the city burns.

    DQ: Where is the president?

    Soldiers fired bazookas at her, but Necronoid jumped in the way.

    Necronoid: Pathetic. Look at the mess this world is in.

    Soldier: You'll kill no more people! Bakugan brawl!

    A Fangoid stood on the field.

    Fangoid: But we'll kill YOU! BLADE STAMPEDE! (grows spikes and charges)

    Necronoid didn't even use an ability. He extended his mechanical right arm and stabbed the Fangoid all over, pushing out the…

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  • Pyrusbrawler900

    Chapter 9.

    October 16, 2011 by Pyrusbrawler900

    DQ: It's time to begin.

    (this starts playing from 0:20)

    Necronoid summoned Mancerion and MT.

    DQ: Necronoid, the tools are in your mechanical hands.

    Mancerion: The tools for what, master?

    Necronoid: (laughs slowly) HYAH! (jumps on Mancerion and unscrews a piece in the back of his neck)

    Mancerion fell down between Necronoid and MT.

    MT: What is the meaning of this?! (takes out cannons)

    Necronoid lifted Mancerion's wrist blade and slashed at MT. MT ducked, and Necronoid was able to get on his head. He unscrewed the piece on MT's neck and let him fall to the ground.

    DQ: Excellent. I'll start now. Necronoid, I need your DNA sample now.

    Necronoid: (gets it off of a shelf and gives it to DQ)

    DQ: Wolf, go on as planned.

    Wolf: Time to see just how much I can en…

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  • Pyrusbrawler900

    Chapter 8.

    October 14, 2011 by Pyrusbrawler900

    It had been a few days since the last battle. Winx was confused and had only shards of solid truth.

    Winx: DQ, I have a few questions.

    DQ: Not now. First, you have to do something for me...the Shadow Bakugan were taken out by Destroyer. I need you to kill more people to replenish the ranks of our army.

    Winx: But wait, something went wrong! And how will they beat Destroyer? How many more do we have to kill? Why is Wolf--

    DQ: SILENCE. You're to strike from the air. Here's a Bakugan Launcher and a hoverboard. You'll have to move quickly, positioning Tay and Infinity--

    Winx: WAIT! How will they beat Destroyer?

    DQ: They won't have the power to until you bring them back with this massacre!

    Winx: They were at FULL POWER AND LOST--

    DQ: SILENCE! Trust in me…

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  • Pyrusbrawler900

    Chapter 7.

    October 12, 2011 by Pyrusbrawler900

    (this is playing)

    Crimson coughed. He was lying down on a bed and had wires attached to him.

    Crimson: When...when will it end...this pain...? GAAK! (coughs blood)

    CSkytruss: Crimson, don't strain yourself! You know you're not supposed to do that.

    Iron: Stay strong, Crimson. You'll be fine if you don't push too hard.

    Crimson: I feel like...I didn't push hard that battle.

    CSkytruss: Maybe you didn't...but we couldn't have gone any further.

    Crimson: :| I...still...could have done more.

    (scene changes)

    Pyrus walked down the halls of the base.

    Pyrus: (presses button) Elevator. Infirmary level one.

    Drago: And send food down to him, it's lunch time.

    The elevator carried them up, while Crimson's food was prepared. Pyrus took the food and walked up…

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  • Pyrusbrawler900

    Chapter 6.

    October 10, 2011 by Pyrusbrawler900

    Destroyer: Obviously. (blasts Necronoid's feet, then kicks his face up as he falls and blasts him with multiple cannons)

    Necronoid: Ow. (fires a massive series of blasts)

    Pyrus: GENERATION REFLECTOR! (reflects blast)

    Necronoid: ABYSSAL OBLIVIATOR! (makes blast disappear)

    Drago: It would seem that we're evenly matched.

    Destroyer: Yeah, when I'm holding back. >:D


    Destroyer charged in and tackled Necronoid. Necronoid extended missile launchers.


    Destroyer shoved his blades into the missile launchers and melted them, but a shot from Necronoid's mouth blew him off.


    Necronoid spun around and broke a sword with energy-covered hands. He stabbed Destroyer, who blasted him with his jetpack.


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  • Pyrusbrawler900

    Chapter 5.

    October 9, 2011 by Pyrusbrawler900

    Pyrus walked into the Brawlers base.

    (this plays as he walks through the many halls of the base)

    He had urgent news, so he rushed through the halls. Everything was huge. Beeping and lights lined the walls. Defense turrets were hidden under metal flaps, just waiting to blast an intruder's guts out. He pressed a few buttons and got on the elevator.

    (let most of the music play through the walking into base sequence)

    Pyrus: Come on come on come on...(stomps on elevator ground)

    He went through a few more halls and reached a door.

    (by now you should be at 3:00 in the music)

    Pyrus: CHICAGO.

    (music ends)

    RBL: Ok everyone, we're Chica-going in.

    Pyrus: (facepalm)

    Drago: I wish I could facepalm in ball form.

    RBLSkytruss and RBLJaakor: (faceWALL)

    Orbeum: THAT...wa…

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  • Pyrusbrawler900

    Chapter 4.

    October 9, 2011 by Pyrusbrawler900

    Tay extended her blades and the Slicerix blades. Drago put up his fists.

    Pyrus: One on one...Let's do this.

    Winx: (evil laughter) You couldn't beat us like that! Look at you! You just went through our entire army! No body can take that much damage!

    Drago: Do not believe everything you read. RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! FUSION RUMBLE! (gets behind Tay and headlocks her, then chokes)



    Tay: (Can't speak, but stabs into Drago's arms and forces him to release) IGNEOUS BLADE! (starts destroying his arms with heated blades)

    Drago: ARGH! REVOLU--


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  • Pyrusbrawler900

    Chapter 3.

    October 9, 2011 by Pyrusbrawler900

    Iron stood up, but he was demented. He looked at Skytruss and made a strange sound, half of anger, half of fear.

    Skytruss: Iron...what has...happened to you? IRON!

    Iron:'ve been...(symbol spreads markings all over his body, and he screams) (tone changes) REBORN! (blasts Skytruss)

    Skytruss: I WON'T FIGHT YOU! NO! WAIT!

    Skytruss was blasted with a new energy, one Iron never had before. He immediately returned to ball form.

    Crimson: (catches Skytruss) Iron...

    Iron: (looks down at Crimson) are...Cr..Crim...

    Aerogan: ON THE GROUND, AND STAY THERE! (tackles Iron) AQUA TORRENT! (shoves hand in Iron's mouth and blastts)

    Iron: SHADOWS AWAKEN! (roars with 3 voices and blasts Aerogan's hand out)

    Aerogan: F*CK! (spins across the floor) Cr…

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  • Pyrusbrawler900

    Chapter 2.

    October 9, 2011 by Pyrusbrawler900
    < User blog:Pyrusbrawler900

    Pyrus900 woke up the next morning with a lot of questions. The fact that there was no way to answer these filled him with RAGE. He found himself throwing his breakfast spoon across the room uncontrollably at some point.

    Drago: Whoa...what's pissing you off?

    Pyrus900: Freaks at the tournament. So many questions, no answers at all. (throws fork across room)

    Drago: I'M wondering too! Nice going there.

    Pyrus900: You were the one who asked. -_-

    Pyrus900 got up and put on his shoes. His sock jammed on his foot and his rage caused him to rip it because of that.

    Pyrus900: Drago, can you get me another sock?

    Drago: Fine. XD (goes to get the sock)

    Pyrus looked to the side and saw the same person from yesterday.

    Pyrus: WH…

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  • Pyrusbrawler900

    Chapter 1

    October 9, 2011 by Pyrusbrawler900

    Pyrus900 walked back to his house after along day of brawling. He had just defeated 5 Glotronoids using only Drago.

    Drago: We'll need to get back to the arena in an hour, you know.

    Pyrus900: Shaddap, I know. Anyway....I'm gonna sleep first.

    Drago: Watch what you dream about.

    Pyrus900: PERVERT. XD

    Drago laughed and closed on a couch about 300 times his mass in ball form.

    Drago: Remind me to get a jewelry box to sleep in...last time I woke up I was stuck between the cushions.


    Drago: Oh forget it. XD

    (one hour later)

    Crimsonstorm: (runs into the house) PYRUS! GET UP, GOD MODDER!

    Pyrus900: (rolls off of bed and gets up) Not god modding when you can actually do it.

    Crimsonstorm: Yeah yeah yeah, get into the arena…

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